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Hits very fast and hard for a single battery mod. Heck - it hits fast and hard for a 2 battery mod.
The original price was high - current price it's a steal of a deal.
Other than for MTL tanks, i've never really liked single battery mods. I've always WANTED to like them - but they just don't perform as well as a dual batter mod and if they do it's for 15 minutes at the max battery charge and then they start to underperform. This one is the first one i've tried that really breaks that rule. I'm using it with samsung 20700's and wow - It's performance in the 70 watt and lower range is fantastic. Running at 48.5 watts the batteries are lasting a long time, nearly as long as my dual 18650 mods (although those are older batteries). It hits hard and fast as you'd like and it has lots of settings to customize if that's your jam. I haven't had it that long but i'm a long time vaper and know my products. It feels sold and well made. Worth every penny.
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