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clean looks and feel compact good stability for a tube(like) mod firing speed/options
The product picture doesn't do justice to the true appearence of the mod. The color is a real black with a "microsparkle" kind of texture that gives me a durable vibe and of course, looks good.

I'm running this with a 21700 battery while the mod is no lightweight in itself already, this makes it extra and truly steadfast, especially compared to your usual tube.

A black nano kit GT4 sits on mine, which is a match made in heaven, as far as looks and handling goes, but 22 mm atomizers don't look out of place either.

Firing Speed: Pre-heat options are soft, normal, strong. Delivered as shown.

Curve Mode: the wattage set will be programmed in 0,1 second steps and multiplied with something from 2 down to 0.5, or you just use one of the three pre set curves.
This mode blew my mind, as I'm used to Picos and Tubes and as far as I can tell, works really good and as it should.

So the only con I noticed so far was when dropped on the road the battery cap might dent quite hefty, which would probably wouldn't happen with cold... stainless.. steel.
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