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I've a few single 21700 mods, I received this to replace my faulty Mod 101 and I'm much happier with it.

The feel and look of the metal far surpasses any other Chinese mod I've owned, finish is very smooth and it's reassuringly rugged and weighty, I've not dropped it, yet, I get the impression the paint job will hold up very well. My armour pro didn't take long to scuff up tbh. In the hand it is not as smooth feeling as the armour pro, but by no means uncomfortable, it's a little taller but much more sleek and concealable.

The threading on the battery cap is very smooth, much smoother than the mod 101. The battery does not rattle and both positive and negative are very clearly marked. On screwing the battery cap down a green led flashes near the USB port., as It also stays on if you charge it via the USB port.

I was actually a bit amazed with how crisp and clear the display is, easily read in sunny conditions. Display is no frills but I prefer it simple to conserve battery life, in wattage mode you can see battery level, resistance, voltage and wattage. You have the additional options of soft/normal/strong mode if you go back into the menu, the soft/strong mode changes the initial voltage momentarily when firing. There is also a "curve" setting in the menu so you can tailor the whole curve if you're inclined. The menu is very easy to operate, no surprises or learning curve. The buttons produce a firm click, again with no rattle, you can reverse the screen, lock the buttons and hold all 3 buttons for stealth mode. When the battery is running low the mod displays the actual output wattage on pressing the fire button. I do not use TC so cannot comment on it.

I took it to Spain the day after I received it and had some issues where occasionally the mod would not turn on when I took it out of my purse, removing the battery for a couple of minutes seemed to resolve this issue, this may be some kind of overheating issue/protection as I've not been able to replicate this now I'm back the UK. But I will update if it does appear again.
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