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Very nice RDA. Smooth, restricted lung hit with great flavour. With the larger airflow inserts, feels a tiny bit less air than Gata RTA (2.7mm), but much smoother and quieter. Smaller inserts are a loose MTL (estimate equivilent to about 1.6mm).
Overall quality feels very nice except I suspect there is an issue with the post screws. With the wire being captured underneath one side of the screw head, when tightened it looks as if the head of the screw starts to bend. Perhaps the screws are of soft material or screw is slightly too small for the hole.
When first building, the head of the screw snapped off leaving the screw stuck in the deck. FT sent replacement deck which has been better, but issue is still apparent.
Dont use thick wire and be careful not to over-tighten screws. Otherwise a great RDA!
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