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Good price Can change neutral white/cool white/warm white Metal casing Portable/compact
Visible PWM flickering on some modes on some power sources
I really like this fill light. There are 10 brightness settings. I generally find the lowest two to be good enough for fill light duty. Unfortunately the light is fussy about USB power sources. For example, with my Xiaomi 5000mAh battery pack there is visible PWM flickering on all tint modes at the lowest two brightness settings. On the lowest modes it is cured by plugging the ring light into a USB hub (not an externally powered one), and then into the power bank. This doesn't solve the flickering at setting 5/6 on neutral white. It's fine with laptop USB and the USB cable is quite long at 195cm (including in-line control, excluding USB plug). The diffusing ring does not look so easy to remove without damaging it, probably press fit, so I hesitate about repairability and modification.
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