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Just arrived today and I directly had to try it out. I cleaned the Plastic Pod, put the RBA into the Ultrasonic and tried my first Build. Looking at the really small RBA build Deck I had a Kanger Flashback and felt like Years gone, had forgotten how small Screws can be. But it is only a little bit fiddly, works better than You think it will when You first see it. I put a 30 ga 316 SS 0.8 Ohm build in it and I'm astonished how good it tastes. It is no Dvarw, Kayfun, Hussar, Ubertoot or Penodat, but it is good. At first I could taste the Plastic but that vanished after an Hour or so. Interesting Thing is that it tastes good in all 5 Power Levels and in all possible Airflow Positions. The most interesting Thing is that You even can shut the Airlow completely down, don't know where the Air comes from then.
Build Quality is good, screwing the Drip Tip down is a bit crunchy, so be careful. Really good and tasty Pocket Mod. I think it will be my first Pod that will be used more than a few Days and maybe it gets a regular use, depends on how other Builds and Liquids will work out. So: I'm impressed.
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