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A reasonably decent capacity (if you opt for the 3.5ml non-TPD/TRPR version) Easy top fill Good build quality A choice of two (optional) air-flow inserts Outer air-flow control ring removable (for wiping down) Tank is glass (not plastic) Easy build platform
No spare tank supplied 510 threading is media-blasted No bubble tank available (at the time of writing) Retail price (in comparison to other China-designed MTL RTAs)
All too often, we see original tanks that come off a designer's page that in practice, and for various reasons, don't work as well as they should. The Gate RTA isn't one of them.

As a big advocate of European-designed MTL RTAs, I find this tank competes favourably with them, both on performance and flavour. Whilst it doesn't bring anything new to the MTL table, what it does do, it does very well.

The screw-in airflow inserts are proper MTL - 0.8mm & 1mm (though the 1mm feels a little like a 1.1mm or 1.2mm imho). And for those who prefer an airier draw, one can leave the insert out altogether. 0.8mm though, gives a good tight draw, that's infinitely adjustable in combination with the external airflow control ring (which is 95% air-tight btw - another pro in my book).

It's claimed that one can change out the airflow inserts on-the-fly without disturbing the coil, though in practice I've found this not to be the case, as it's impossible to catch the threads of the positive block when re-inserting the 510 pin without physically holding down the block. Not a big deal unless you want to constantly swap out the insert.

Flavour performance is very good indeed. It's right up there with the European MTL attys.

One small issue that irritates, and this has become a common issue with a fair number of attys coming out of China recently, is that the 510 threading is media-basted (I don't know if the SS version is similarly afflicted) . This should not happen. It hasn't caused me any problems in practice, but electrical threading connections should be smooth and clean to aid the best possible connection. Manufacturers please note!

As one of the more expensive China-made attys, I would have liked to see a spare glass included in the package. Yes, original Ambition Mods spares are currently available, but I wonder how many buying this tank also purchase a spare glass alongside.

In summary, both in flavour and performance, I would place this RTA pretty much in the top tier of the MTL RTA list. It's very definitely a keeper.

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