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decent vape
not the best but probably not the worse clone,
i bought both this black one and the same version in silver....
firstly the black one came with no airflow hole in the positive post under the deck so had to get a replace ment part, and for some reason on both of them, the insulator half covers said hole, not sure if this is by mistake or did`nt seem to effect the draw on it too much, i did end up filing the insulator down to fully open the airhole, feels no less restrictive but the draw does feel a little smoother.
also the outer airflow adjuster ring does`nt line up very well with the holes and looks like its about 1/4 closing them off.
on a positive note the machining is`nt too bad and it does give a good vape, for the money i`m glad i bought it and consider it still worth buying.
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