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Overall   (5.0)
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Well built Nice fire switch/bar Good battery drain Price Fire bar locking for pocket friendly
Colour (but it grows on you) Not RDA friendly better with tanks Opening display flap to change settings grinds on you after a while Tank was useless for me
I was just after a cheap battle box and thats what i got, its well built and does everything you need it to do, but for me i wish the 510 connector wasn't lower down, as this prevented me from using most of my RDAs. I thought my taller drippers would work, but its sods law they snug up with the afc hole facing the mod so you only get the single coil option despite a dual build lol.

The mod is a metal construction which lends itself to feeling well built, but the flip side is its quite heavy, which would be really useful if you got mugged and needed something to throw lol.

For me personally the tank was useless as i always rebuild, but if you dont mind buying coils then its a well made unit and quite simple in its operation which i like. Its only 2ml capacity but top filling which makes it easier, with only minimal parts to clean.

Hope this helps
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