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Build Quality Great for MTL and Restricted DL Lots of spare parts like rings and screws
22.2 mm diameter and silver color beauty ring(read below)
Quite surprised by this little fellow. Has multiple airflow options for you to choose from to get your ultimate vape. Ranging from insanely tight MTL (read: like sucking a golf ball through a garden hose until your shorts get sucked in between your buttocks) to a very decent restricted DL. So unless you are looking for a full DL, you can't go wrong on this RDA.

Its deck is easy to build on and lots of space for the wick. I had no problem getting a 3mm coil and a bunch of cotton in.

Flavor wise it's up there with high-end gear, really. I'm running this on temp control with a 3mm coil made from Coilology's 316L MTL Fused Clapton (0.6 Ohm and 400F/205C) and it is flavor heaven.

One minor con, it's size is 22.2 mm. Why is that a con you ask? Well in itself that's not bad, but when you buy the black version you get a silver colored beauty ring with it. On an all-black setup that's a big no-no. And there's the con. Standard beauty rings are 22 mm; they do not fit. So yeah, con.

All in all a great RDA which renders my previous love, a Cthulhu 1928 MTL RDA, pretty much useless. The Holic blows it out of the water. Both flavor wise and because of it's versatility.
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