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Tinted plastic over screen.
All around this is a great device. Super light. Decent features. I have been using the DVW mode mostly. Which is similar to a preheat setting only the DVW mode allows you to essentially program your preferred puff. It gives you 10 programmable points I will call them (each point can be set from 0.1 - 1.0 second(s) and 1-200w. You can set each of the ten points to your desired wattage and length of time at that wattage . I programmed mine to fire over my normal 45watts at the start of the puff. For example the first .4 of a second is fired at 48w. Then the next .4 of a second the wattage output is dropped to 46w. Then the next .6 seconds it fires at 43watts. And so on. To tailor the puff exactly to your style of vape. I have no need for temp control so I cannot comment on that. I have only used the VW and the DVW modes. For a $20 mod. This is most certainly worth every penny. Bought it as a cheap beater mod for work as im bad for dropping and losing them. Initially wasn't really expecting a lot. But have to say I have been somewhat pleasantly surprised by this "Taggerz" ? Like what a name. It's super lightweight which I think is a good thing as I have already dropped it at least 3 times from over 3 ft and twice it landed on solid concrete. I couldn't even find any impact marks on the mod. the fact it is so light almost helps to protect it. As it's not heavy enough to damage itself. Having so much less mass then a typical dual 18650 mod it generates significantly less impact energy when dropped. Which kind of surprised me. Both times the mod was dropped on to concrete the battery door flew off but the batteries stayed in the mod, both times. My tank was also fine all three times I dropped it. I've only had the mod for a little over a month. In that time I've used it hard. I use it daily at work. (I work 12hr shift work. in a harsh production environment) mods take a beating and this little 20 bucker handles it like a champ. If your on the fence dont be. Its great for the price. Screen can be difficult to see in super bright/direct sunlight. Its not that the screen is dim it's that they used a tinted piece of plastic over the screen and it diminishes the overall brightness of it in some circumstances. That said I've had no problems seeing the screen at all. Once I've set up my tank i lock the wattage and barely look at the screen after that. Nothing really bad to say. Works quite well. Hits hard fires quick. Very minimal delay. Fire button is not even bad at all. Nice big & clicky. Not a single misfire. Was a little thicker then I was initially expecting but when I look at it now I realize it has to be this thick to accommodate 25mm tanks. I use a 25mm Starre Pure on it. Zero overhang, looks good and vapes very well. Could fit 26-28mm with very minimal overhang. For this price you really can't go wrong. Pretty basic modes. Just VW, Ni,Ti,SS,TCR,DVW. You can lock wattage to avoid accidentally adjusting power. To lock wattage just press the plus and minus buttons together. And again to unlock. 5 clicks to turn off. 3 clicks to access menu. Simple but effective. If i broke it today I would get another. Really is a good deal for a 200w dual 18650 mod. Time will tell how durable it is but if the few drops I've put it through already are anything to go by it should hold up just fine. If it does break or anything about my review changes I'll be sure to update / re-review it.
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