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Overall   (3.7)
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I really wanted to like this RDA but I just couldnt get along with it.
Build quality overall is pretty good, apart from the o-rings around the base being slightly too thick making the top cap a bit stiff to adjust or remove. After a few months of use they were starting to shred a little. Apart from that, all just fine.
The the cons....
First of all I found building it to be quite annoying as the post screws always wanted to twist the coil leg, distorting the coil. This atty favors simple, low-mass builds and those sorts of coils can already be a bit fragile and tricky to work with. Something about those post screws just made it even more of a pain.
Then I just couldnt find the sweet spot for performance. Tried numerous builds of different wire types, coil size, experimented with positioning, etc and every time was either terribly muted flavour or ungodly amounts of spitback.

The draw on this RDA is soooo nice and smooth but unfortunately I never did find the magic formula to make it shine.
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