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All in one Portable DNA chip with USB Stylish A lot of accessories
Resistance not reading right/not calibrated Condensation outside boro tank A bit heavy
Before we begin, a little disclaimer. I owned this device for a short time. I used it only with vapeshell bridge. I haven't tried nautilus or kanger bridges yet. But i will in next week or so.
These experiences that I will write are from using only sxk bb with vapeshell as a MTL setup.

SXK Billet Box is an interesting device.
I like it more then original because it has usb port, which is kinda crucial if you're going to use DNA device. And in this specific case if this mod didn't have usb port it would be much less usable and precise.
It's an AIO that's pocket friendly size wise, but it is a bit heavy for what it is.
Let's say the SXK Billet Box with the battery, vapeshell and boro tank filled is as heavy as Hcigar VTC75 Nano with a battery and a filled heavy tank such as By KA v8.
If you want a lightweight setup there are far better options then this one. Let's say Tesla wye single 18650 + dwarv with bellcap would be at least 40-50% lighter.

After you get this device you will need to do couple things if you want to make your life easier.

1st: search on the web "Anticondensa Billet Box by pfg85". Download the 3d model and take it to a 3d printing shop.
This little piece of plastic will save you alot of trouble. Make it from temperature resistant materials such as PETG or PA11/PA12.

2nd: The Biggest con of this device is that it isn't reading the right resistance when u attach boro tank with a bridge. I could bet my right hand that SXK doesn't do anyting with this chip when they install it in the device. They don't do any setting up or calibration. What is preloaded by evolv that's what you get.
What you need to do is calibrate resistance of the mod inside escribe.
My previous dna mods when they needed calibration they were off by 0.007-0.009 ohms. This device needed to be adjusted much more. The difference was 0.40 ohms, which is a very big one compared to dna mods with 510 connector.

Conclusion. It's an average device, but with a bit of love and effort invested it can be great.
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