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Build quality Flavor Air inserts and PC tank included Good for lose MTL and small coils DTL
Airflow control whistles a lot when only 2 or less holes are open. Air inserts included are all to wide for true MTL
I got this with an idea to use it as MTL atty. I built my regular build which is 5 wraps of 28 awg kanthal, +- 1 ohm. The flavor is there. Really good, but it felt too airy. So I tried to have only 1 hole open with airflow control, but then it whistles alot.

Compared to Dvarw vape style is more open even with the smallest air insert and form wise it's a lot bigger and heavier while having less capacity without offering anything different except for the top fill. It looks better though :)

My conclusion is that this atty is best suited for people who like lose MTL or restricted DTL with builds around 0.7-0.8 ohm. It seems as if it was made for a relaxed type of vape.

If you want a true MTL be prepared to fiddle with it to make it work without AFC whistling.
If the whistling sound doesn't bother you then go for it.
It's versatile and the flavor is very good.
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