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Tiny Easy top fill Juice flow control Drip tip is very nice
Not totally leak proof but close enough
Loving these little Dvarws. Spectacular flavour and super small, looks really great on tiny batteries like the Evic Basic, Target Mini, and Youcan Evolve.
Build deck and chamber is small but functional for up to 2.5 ID coils - also enjoying various MTL Claptons at 2mm ID in these which boost the flavour over single SS wire slightly. Comes with fairly tight airflow which is nice, but I am starting to prefer the larger air inserts that came with other kits for a very respectable medium DL.
Turning the drip tip moves the juice channels, making it possible to shut it off, but still does not leak when I forget. Capacity is small but easy to refill and not too messy, even with blunt tips.
Easy to wick, and possible to get pretty much leak-free results with Cotton Bacon V2 when leaving the wicks a bit longer before tucking in. Still working on various methods to get the best results, but have had no juice dumps at all like in the bad old days.
Well machined, although these bases don't have serial numbers on them unlike some of the other 5ml clone kits. Screws, base, and tank are interchangeable with other Dvarws.
Get you some before production ceases! But not too many as I need lots more.
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