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Quality Price Flavor Ease of use Comes clean
Top cap sometimes get stuck Non-adjustable AF-ring when attached to a mod No spare glass
Over all I'm very pleased with this one. Was a bit sceptic, but it functions fine and have great flavor and airflow. A great MTL RTA which doesn't let the Berserker name down.
The top cap unwinds most of the time with no hassle unlike my older one which is complete stuck;-) Luckily it can be bottom filled if the same happens to this one...
The AF-ring has a nice tension, but you can't adjust it when equipped to a mod. I can live with that, but felt it had to be mentioned.
It still gurgles when filling, but that was expected. Both my mini and regular sized Berserker does it, but this is perhaps a little less likely to do it versus the older models. I feel it works just a tad better whether it's because it's new and the older versions hasn't been in rotation of late I don't know. I feel that this is an improvement - especially the airflow. It seems a bit least to me...
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