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Looks great, tiny profile, easy to build and wick, looks great on smaller mods
the drip tip looks odd, I wish it held more eliquid
I know why most reviewers have this in the top 3 RTAs fro the year, the flavour I am getting is top notch, great with fruits and desserts
I found it so simple to build on with a medium sized spaced coil, it is really easy to wick as well just thin your wick a bit and drop into the slots very loosely, then prime and put together, fill the tank and vape
I am using the glass bubble tankso have 3.5ml which is not really enough though I am able to vape at much lower power then I am used to at 30 to 40W I still have to fill the tank every couple of hours.
The lack of size is both a benefit and a downside, it does make for better flavour but you have to fill the tank regularly. I really don't like teh driptips is comes with I think they feel odd and look worse.
Overall I think this is an extremely good RTA in any class and amazing for a single coil RTA, an essential for any vaper IMO
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