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very bright compact metal reflector water resistant
metal around the lens is shorter then the lens itself. too many functions the flashlight functions are odd. o-rings come dry
i bought this to replace a flashlight of the same design where the threads on body for the tail cap had failed. i like the body design. and the fact that the reflector is metal.
but the 2 issues
1) i dont like all the functions the flashlight has. this wouldn't be a issue if the light didnt remember where i was (and start back at bright) then when i go to change function, seemingly goes to a random function. so i used the pill from the old light (contains the LED, reflector and controller) as well as the lens from that same light. i will be moving led and controller from the old pill to the new pill once i get a new soldering iron tip.
2) the metal around the lens is much too short and dosent protect the lens (i often stand the light up with the lens facing down)
other then the 2 issues above its a great light
i then lubed up the o-rings and im good to go.

overall a great flashlight, but not a good light for me.
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