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Super easy to wick coils. Can wick 3 or 4 coils per strand.
The aglets (hard end) is a tight fit while the cotton itself could be a touch thicker.
I bought 10 packs of this because it's the cheapest agleted cotton I've seen and I'm tired of cutting, peeling and rolling muji pads. If you get the bulk discount by buying 5 or more bags, it makes these cost less than 8 cents each.
So far I've gone through a little over a pack of this cotton and I like it. It's good quality cotton as far as having less break-in/ flavor than muji. The threads are fairly long so you can wick 3 or 4 coils per strand in a typical atty, 2 coils per strand in a atty with high coils like The Drop or Dead Rabbit. Just pull it most of the way through the coil, tuck the tail end into the juice well, then cut the other side to the length you need leaving as everything you don't need still attached to the agleted end so you can use it on another coil or two.
My only complaints are that the aglets aren't all exactly the same size and some have been a little tough getting them through 3mm coils that are wound really tight. They can't be further shrunk with heat because mine seem to be made out of some sort of paper and not heat shrink like a battery wrap. Also the cotton is just a tad thinner than my ideal. They are snug in a 3mm ID coil, but I generally wick pretty damn tight.
I do really like them though and they like a charm and cut my wicking time by like 70%. I'll definitely buy more when I run low unless the are similar products that have come down in price to try out. For the price though these are hard to beat and the cheapest on the market.
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