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Excellent Design Excellent Build Quality Excellent for MTL Excellent for Very Restricted DL Fantastic Flavor Thick Black Plating Easy to Build Wide Build Options Top Fill Includes TPD Reducer
No Included Extra Tank Not for DL Vaping
I like this RTA very much. I seriously doubt you can find a better MTL tank in the same price range, and encourage all MTL Vapers to give it a try. The quality/flavor to price ratio of this RTA approaches the unbelievable range. As a matter of fact, it is so good that I would call it a serious loss if an MTL vaper doesn’t own one. It has very high built quality and is very well built. The black coat is very thick and beautiful. It comes with a drip tip. I don’t find the included drip tip very attractive, but the quality of it makes up for the looks. Its design allows for top fill without the need for liquid control. The flavor it produces is fantastic, and it is one of the best in its class. I have been using this RTA for very restricted DL vaping. I wish it had just a little more airflow range, but still love the flavor it produces. The pros list on the RTA is very long and I honestly have to struggle to find any cons. The only thing I could really come up with were: there is no included spare tank in the package(which you can order. Look at the discussion section for this and silver model), and very low airflow range, which is really not a con as this tank is really designed for MTL Vapers. Highly recommended and a must own for all MTL Vapers!
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