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Good thing that we all vape differently and I don't want to take away anything from people giving this positive reviews, but this just isn't for me.

I still love the first O-Atty (Mine never whistled at all, but the way I build them is with 3-3.5mm coils above the direct stream of air.) and got to like the v2 after a lot of tinkering (two tiny coils close and above the air inlets) but this one is a step back for me. It looks like Odis tried to copy the Halu after the Haku failed to copy the O-Atty...

I get a whistle with the X, no flavour at all but a lot of spit back. The chamber is just too wide to compress the air around the coil and too shallow to fit coils that would make use of all that space left and right and the amount of airflow. Oh yeah, it's more airy than v1 and v2 as well.
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