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way more user friendly than previous version amazing flavor less whistle (still there with some drip tips great build quality for yftk ***HYBRID SAFE***
slimmer top means not a lot of drip tips sit flush or look good. stock DT is too low profile.
compared to the normal o-atty clone I've been using before, this is a huge improvement. The deck overall is way more user friendly and the posts are positioned so they're easier to access, and your coils end up right where they should be.

the X-shaped bevels in the cap help alleviate the notorious o-atty whistle, although its still present if you use certain drip tips that may create turbulence. Also many drip tips are just too wide for the top so they don't look very good but that's just an aesthetic thing.

the materials on the yftk clone are solid, the machining is nice and clean.

My favorite thing other than the amazing flavor is that the positive pin protrudes the most out of any of the 22mm flavor banger RDAs I have, so whenever I use my SMPL I always go with the o-atty X for its safety.

The original is also really cost-effective for a boutique RDA, so if you buy this clone and like it I strongly suggest investing in the original from Odis too!
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