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For a 4 battery mod this thing is really easy in the hand.
The weight is not bad at all.
Simple to function. Nothing fancy but still everything you need to put out the punch required for about any build.
The battery door was easy for me to use.
Battery life on this thing is amazing.
I would not say it fires instant but I really dont have much of a delay in mine.
The display is clear and straight forward. I can see in outdoor situations.
This mod may not be for everyone but I am really enjoying it. Its easier to carry than I expected. Many said it would not be good for taking along on outdoor ventures. You cant just put it in a pocket but it will go well in driving situations and you will not have to worry about a battery going flat any time soon.
The first edition of this one was a bust but I do think Steam Crave did a grand job on the second version. Lucky for them that they did the right thing and contacted the first buyers about the issues.
I am very happy with this mod so far. It has a load of power to do about anything you want.
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