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Hits hard Velvety soft, smooth finish Love the button 510 has fit everything Very strong door magnet (though needed to be glued) Amazing value
Battery removal is tricky Bottle is too small so I didn’t even try it (though is silicone) No locking function (though I have no worry of accidental firing)
I’m extremely pleased with this purchase. I don’t write many reviews, but felt inclined to with this because this one deserves it. I love the feel of this mod; velvety soft, with no sharp edges. Love the button. Size is as small as a 18650 mod can be. Every atty I’ve tried makes contact with the 510 without adjustment, and comes with ultem donut/spacer to sit between atty and mod (bonus tip: spacer came in handy to make my convergent rda (Ulton version) work on the pico squeeze2...the 510 is too long on that rda). And finally, it hits as hard as any mod I have. Given the price of this guy, I can’t recommend this one enough. I replaced the bottle, but the one it comes with doesn’t seem terrible (I just prefer the square bottles). No button lock but accidental firing doesn’t seem to be a risk with this. So my only real con is I basically have to knock the battery out (I’ll add a battery ribbon at some point to remedy that). In the end though, you can’t possibly be disappointed with this purchase.
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