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Good flavor, easy to build, wicks amazing
Has same cons as every other bottom airflow RTA
After using obs nano engine I wanted to try this out and it's pretty amazing. The flavor is very good, it's easy to build on, good with micro and with fat juicy coils. It's very heavy and solid and radiates quality. In some ways works better then the original GTIV. The juice adjustment and airflow adjustment are smoother on this one then on the original.
Unfortunately as anything else it has some flaws. The flaws don't apply only to this one but to the original GTIV as well.
So flaws are mainly situational. When you screw down to the 510 connector this RTA if the airflow ports are turned the same way as the top side of your box mod when you vape the residual vapor that you don't inhale will go trough the airflow ports and in time will condensate on top of your box mod which will make it a little greasy. Nothing that once a day 5 seconds wipe won't fix.
Second flaw is the same with this one as with any other bottom air flow RTA and that is when you fill the tank up, you need to close down juice control and airflow. If you don't the juice will leak all over your mod.
On the bright side compared to my previous rta (Obs Nano Engine) which was hell to make it wick properly, this one is amazing. Only time I had a dry hit with typhoon RTA is when I forgot to open juice control. It wicks like crazy. Drinks the juice like a drunk Irishman (aka. Irishman).

All in all, I would recommend anybody this RTA it has it's quirks but the final result is more then worth it.
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