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The screws Doesn't squonk
Well, I'll start by saying I own the original and this is visually a very good looking clone. It's not 1:1 but it does the job. I ordered this off the hop so it doesn't have the hole drilled into the 510 pin, which I heard was fixed in the newer versions. The real disappointment for me was the horrible screws in this thing, they all had to be trashed. The screws made me mad because I planned on using this as a regular dripper, but even the tiny screw in the 510 rusted to shit after one cycle through the ultra sonic cleaner.
The O-rings on this first run are garbage too so plan to replace those as well.
All in all it's $10. If you don't like verts and you vape below .5ohms I'd say skip this atty altogether. Both the authentic and this perform well in the flavour department, but building vertical coils and placement to maximize flavour certainly isn't easy for most people starting out. For any experienced builder that has been building for more than 3 or 4 years, a return to verticals probably won't be that frustrating, but if I hadn't started out building verticals I probably wouldn't start now. That's my 2cents
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