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Extremely well made Just as good as my genuine V3s FLavor is spot on Easy to use, clean and fill, and set up is so easy
None really, have been using FEV for 5 years so Im so used to it but if I HAD to give some cons, well: It is heavy ( dont care) its not the sleekest or sexy or pretty, but it does have its unique looks, some think its ugly, giant and unwieldy, BUT it is so good , so non leak, my only atty I take out with me that I KNOW for sure wont leak, and you can fill easy, even if the bottle was giant
I have been using genuine FEVs for 5? ( maybe more) years.
Was the first atty I absolutely feel in love with from first use.
I had at one time 6 full set ups and tons of spares and accessories.
I gave away or traded 2 and always regretted it. I hesitated getting the V4 and up, because when modders upgrade its usually not in my liking, usually too much air, too many bells and whistles etc.

I hated having to spend over 30 for shipping to the US and unlike most DHL services, for that extra almost 40 dollars it took 2 or more weeks to get here. I gave in and wanted to get the 4.5 but now they dont even ship to the US , so I decided to get the YFTK version, all the great reviews and the details in the knurling were spot on. I have another one in my cart cause you have to have back ups :)

I hope Fastech gets in some spare parts; glass, bases, screws etc. Please?
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