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Fast (but adjustable) charging Smart charging Reads internal resistance
No discharge/test functions Single button control takes a little extra time
I bought this to replace the LiitoKala Lii-500 ( The LiitoKala has discharge/test functions, and I'll be keeping it around for when I need those, but I didn't like the way it was charging my batteries. For one thing, it considers a battery fully charged at 4.22 volts, versus the more battery health preservation friendly 4.20 volts the MIBOXER uses.

Secondly, the LiitoKala often overshoots even this higher voltage, particularly when set to its max charge rate of 1 amp, taking the voltage up to 4.23 or 4.24. Why? Because unlike the MIBOXER, which acts like a true "smart" charger, the LiitoKala fails to lower the amperage as the battery approaches full charge. So my new daily charger, the MIBOXER, consistently soft lands on 4.20 exactly, even if I'm charging at the max rate of 3 amps (3 times as fast as the LiitoKala's fastest rate).

So, basically, this charger is doing exactly what I had hoped it would. It is now, and will be, the only device I use to charge the li-ion 18650 batteries I use for vaping. (Have yet to try it with anything else.) Only con so far is that the single control button took some getting used to, and still takes a little extra time if you're wanting to manually set the charge rate for each of multiple batteries. But after a couple weeks of use it's beginning to become second nature.
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Bought this as an upgrade to my previous charger and am quite happy with it...can easily charge 4 batteries at a time and not take dayssssss to do so.
You can set all slots the same charging or change each individual slot. It shows the % of the charge and time it's taken and the battery capacity when done charging.
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