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Easy to build Great flavour easy to wick No leaking (if you wick it properly) Smooth airflow Can handle complex coils with care
airflow louder when reduced mangles complex coil leads and distorts coils unless you pre-twist the legs on installation
This is a great little flavour RTA, and I had a coil set up and running in it within minutes of it coming out of the (precautionary) ultrasonic clean I give all new atomisers. This had no trace of any machine oil or other contaminants though, which is great. Threads are very smooth as well.
It can manage pretty complex high surface area coils (I have a stainless steel SSFC in mine) and as long as you thin the wick tails, it can keep up and gives amazing flavour.
You do have to pre-twist the coil leads if you want to avoid mangling them and twisting the coil though, as the screws come from the wrong direction for wide builds, although for round wire and simple claptons, that wouldn't matter.
All in all, it's a lovely atty, and I may get another.
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