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Excellent Design Excellent Quality Excellent Top Fill Excellent for TC Very Smooth Threads Fantastic Flavor Warm Vapor Fits Many Models Upgradable Capacity Included Spares Package
Short dedicated Drip Tip Hot Vapor Limited Capacity Limited Build Room Not Suitable for High Wattage
This kit arrived very clean with no trace of machine oil, although it’s always a good idea to wash any tank and RTA kit very well before using. The installed O-Rings were proper and threads are very smooth. The top fill system is very well designed and is easy and smooth to operate. The glass is thick and without any sharp edges. I have tried this kit with Coppervape, SXK and YFTK clones as well as the authentic tank. It more or less fits them all, if you are careful and lubricate the bottom o-ring of the glass tank with VG before fitting the glass. The capacity of this kit can increase to 3.4ml by changing the glass with a bubble glass sku 9490301. Aside from adding to capacity, in my opinion, the bubble glass makes Skyline look more attractive. The reduced chamber and chimney size in this kit improve the already fantastic flavor Skyline is famous for, and make it shine even more. This chamber and chimney reduction also make this kit really great for people that prefer warm vapor, low watt vaping, and using temperature control. In case you find the vapor too hot, the drip tip is not made of metal and can help shield your lips against heat. On the negative side, the reduced chamber size also means more limited space, and having to settle for smaller coil builds, less wraps and thinner wires. In Skyline, for the juice control to work, the chamber is brought down to cover the JC holes. This means the shortened ceiling and the curve at the top of the chamber can touch the coil when JC is lowered. Even with 3mm(core) coils I had shorts when lowering the liquid control for refill, and had to make adjustments to fit the coil in this tight space. It is also because of this tight space that installing this kit is not recommended if you intend to use complex and exotic wires and builds, running at high wattage. Another subjective con to consider is the drip tip is short and may provide limited grip, when turning it to operate the liquid control and fill the tank. The top cap also lacks any knurling and may not be easy for some to open. The two cons I just mentioned are really subjective as the fit and finish of parts is so well done, that I had no issues operating either the drip tip or top cap, but some people may. The dedicated non metal drip tip, which functions like a hex wrench for opening and closing the JC is not as strong as metal and may have a shorter life with use. The wrench function of this drip tip also makes this kit incompatible with other 510 drip tips . The glass is also a dedicated size and you may have to buy spares. I am currently using the bubble glass for the looks and extended capacity. Look up sku 9490301 specs and check the related discussions to see pictures and more info. Currently(For reference only), I am using this kit daily on an authentic Skyline with following specs:
Coil: 6 wrap 316L SS 26 AWG spaced coil(3mm core) measuring 0.56 Ohm. The mod:Aspire NX75, TC mode: SS 220c or VW mode 18-20 watts.
This set up is giving a wonderfully warm and very flavorful vapor. Highly recommended.
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