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Good materials, resist weather well Easy Install (see below) Stays put, no rattling, quiet Looks real, fooled a pro for ~5 seconds
Needs slight redesign to remove 'hollow' look at some angles Mounting may require extra work and is easy to do if necessary (see below)
This muffler buff has been worth it just for the chuckles. The thing looks real enough that a mechanic stopped his work and did a double take. Fooled the guy for about 5 seconds he said and the guys a pro! Casually this thing looks real and if someone tries to call you down just tell them it's the wickedest exhaust mod you could get for $10. Laughs all round.

The install was easy however in my case the exhaust pipe angles down steeply and the teeth-clamps provided were not working. All I did was drill a small hole in the end of my exhaust pipe and use a Tek screw (self-tapping). It has been tight since day one. I would think 90%+ of exhaust pipes could be easily fitted and the rest easily modded with a screw or two.

There's been no tarnishing or flaking of the metals. There are no plastic parts as they would melt. It still looks the same as when I installed it a few months ago and it's been running through a Canadian winter. The materials are well chosen for the task.

The one thing I wish had been added to the listing would be a removeable Turbo Whistle or a spark wheel driven by exhaust gas or whatever. The point is this purchase was a good one for the cost and the unit is still on my car as I write this.
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