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Really good build quality. Good Price
Switch does not contact all the time and deteriorates with time
I Bought this mod Months ago as my first Mechanical mod, it's really well built and a bit heavy but I like that.

The switch worked fine for a day or two but then started to miss regularly and it got worse with time.

It's a plastic button screwed into a brass rod which passes through the top (Negative) Top casing, which has a threaded 510 hole and your tank contacts the battery directly. The only way it makes a circuit to work is the brass pin where it slides through the side of the top casing, it gets dirty quickly even in a clean environment. this increases the resistance to the point that you have to press the button at an angle so it will contact properly.

The Plastic button unscrews (don't lose the spring) and you can clean the pins surface and the hole it slides in but that slowly increases the gap and eventually makes it far worse.

I drilled a small hole (0.5mm) through the wider contact end of the pin (inside the mod) into which I soldered a twisted wire, the other end I trapped between the top casing and the black body. This made a permanent negative link to the pin, which when the button is pressed contacts the side of the battery tube making a complete circuit. The mod now fires every time....

As with all mechanical mods which just have a threaded hole for your tank, make sure the battery's positive contact is perfectly flat, any unevenness can easily cause the contact to touch the negative top casing of the mod causing a direct short on your 18650 battery, not good news and you have to be very quick unscrewing the battery plate!!! Also don't over tighten the battery screw plate or this too can damage the positive contact on the battery.

Always screw the tank fully on before fitting the battery and retaining plate, only screw the battery plate on hand tight, don't fit the battery and plate first because your tank will also damage the battery's contact if screwed down hard.

Oh and don't lie the mod on its side on anything metallic it will short the mods top and bottom casing and fire your coil/s continuously.

Hope this helps somebody :o)
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