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Pita to build because of the srews. You have to take them out in order to place your coils. Comes with 4 screws in place and 2 spares. However one screw of the 4 in place turned out to have a different threading. Was shorter and gave me some problems to get it out. Luckily the spare ones were the right threading. I was lucky that the threading of the post wasn't damaged. Not made for big diameter coils. Shorted on 2 occasions because of the coils touching the cap. Flavor and clouds are good. The tank is thin and will be easily deformed. Drip tip screws on, so no possibility to use another drip tip. It has an anti-spit back design which some will hate and others will like. 2 air flow inlets on both sides which are adjustable but only horizontally, so you always have 2 airflow inlets. Juice well is small. Overall, a cheap 24mm dripper that is not that bad but isn't the easiest to build and with a screw problem.
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