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Weight Finish Superb menu system Great TC
I have a Tesla Wye 200w and had to have it's baby brother (sister). Finish is great - comfortable in the hand and built to take a few knocks. Here's hoping more manufacturers use ABS in future - it's almost bullet proof IMO.
The menu system has to be one of the most user friendly I have encountered, and setting it to TCR with a SS316 single coil took seconds - it's that easy.
Power delivery is fast,smooth and consistent in all modes and as far as I can tell, what you select for wattage is what you get.
It's hard to believe how light the mod is with a battery and atomiser attached, and I've long since ditched the idea that light means cheap - it's more resilient, pocket friendly and durable.
The battery door latches firmly and is a very good fit and the overall feel of the casing is very pleasant in the hand.
The wife immediately took to it, and although my intention was to buy her another Evic VTC Mini as a Christmas stocking filler, I think I will go for the Tesla, merely for its weight and comfort alone.
This has to be one of the best value single battery mods out there at this price point, and YT videos bear me out on's a really good buy!
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