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Looks amazing Airflow is unique Flavors great Squonks with protruding pin
Deck is a little difficult Seems hard to get two coils in Not really single coil friendly with airflow setup No whistling
I've been enjoying collecting all the Vandy Vape RDA/RTA/RDTA's they have a lot of very interesting pieces made from a wide variety of people. I love the resin look too, hard for me to resist plus the airflow reminded me of the Pulse's which looked great.

When I first ordered this RDA the photo's were provided by the manufacturer and I didn't understand how the clamps worked on the deck, then while waiting the pictured changed when they received it and it made a little more sense but it looked like the bottom wasn't going to make a connection with the screw. Also there were springs provided as additional items in the package which confused me more. Now that I've received mine it makes sense, the screw's have springs in them to push the L shaped clamps up. The bottom does make a connection, but it's not as good as I would have hoped you really do need a coil in it to clamp to for it to work (obviously not going to have nothing in it so not a big deal).

I prefer single coils and this RDA works fine with one but it does seem more for dual coils, reminding me of the Phobia (which says it's single coil compatible but airflow says otherwise) but it's been performing great with just half airflow cut off. It seems like it would be a pain to get two coils in, which is why I always prefer single coils since finagling two coils as opposed to one is always a headache to me. Comparing to the Phobia again, at least with that deck you have the connections separated so you don't need to worry about wicking cotton or the leads poking through and screwing things up.

Overall I'm happy with all my Vandy Vape pieces and this is in my current rotation although once more of my other pieces arrive I'm not sure how long I'll keep it, if there's a better single coil RDA available I'd love to use it as a replacement.

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