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Overall   (4.0)
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- Overall good build quality - Easy to wick - 23mm base (fits most mods) - O-rings are okay - Versatile airflow
- Airflow adjustment method - Juice trickles into airflow, not a smooth vape - Machine oil on device on arrival - Useless/broken tool included
I don't believe that this isn't the worst tank out there for MTL vaping. The airflow is very versatile and allows you to remove the airflow screw from under the 510 pin, giving you a restricted lung hit, to tightening it down to a super tight MTL feeling of vape.

My first gripe with this tank was that it needs a REALLY good clean when you first get it. If you just want to put a build into this tank and ASAP and vape on it, I'd HIGHLY recommend against that as the only flavor profile any of your juices will produce is machine oil. I had to disassemble this tank twice and run it through my ultrasonic cleaner twice. When cleaning, you REALLY need to make sure you fully take out the airflow screw and clean that too.

Overall, the build quality of this is actually good. The threads on the tank are okay with the exception of the topfill. Those threads were a bit crunchy at first, but seems to have broke in after the past 5 weeks of use and now they're smooth enough to not be noticable. The 510 and airflow adjustment screws are very well made which haven't caused me a problem when taking both of them out. Lastly the o-rings aren't bad for something not authentic. You could argue that the o-rings for the juice flow control are a little loose but I personally liked this since they aren't tight enough to unscrew my atomizer from my mod.

The build desk is an old school KF deck. If you're buying this, you expect to spend a little bit of time capturing your leads under the screws. What did impress me through is that wicking this was a breeze. I've experimented with different amounts of wicks in this and it seems that this tank can handle more wick very well. Just make sure you open up your juice flow with 1.5 rotations so that the wicks are able to soak up enough juice.

Getting your desired airflow on this device isn't as tedious as some may think it is. I build and wicked the tank, screwed the tank down and adjusted the airflow bit-by-bit. After each tiny turn of the airflow screw, I sucked on the atty to see how tight the airflow was. Once I was happy with the airflow, I put the 510 plate back into the device and screwed the 510 pin back in.

My second gripe comes when using the tank for a while. No matter how you wick this or how much you open up the juice flow control, juice WILL find it's way into the airflow port in the deck (floods). You will get a slightly gurgly vape no matter what you do with this. Although the tank doesn't leak, it can make your vaping experience kind of suck. I found that closing off the JFC every couple of days and blowing the juice out of the airflow was the best was to clear out the airflow channels.

Lastly, I the included tool with this kit is absolutely useless. After using it to build the deck just once, the tool broke. If this is your first device, I recommend having a functioning screwdriver around to rebuild this.

After all of the negatives of this device, it's not bad. It's not great either. The airflow can be adjusted to a good MTL tightness, HOWEVER, the inevitable gurgling you will experience on this ruins the experience that this atty offers. I prefer this over the kayfun prime that you can find on this site just because it can offer a much tighter airflow experience. With other good MTL devices on the market at the moment (the berserker mini, siren 2 and even the MTL drippers which have come out), I'd recommend looking at getting one of those and spending a little more money on them than getting this device. If you're on a tight budget, this isn't a bad choice, but there are better MTL devices out there these days.
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