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Overall   (4.0)
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* Fantastic form factor (mod) * Great build quality (with one con) * Superb paint job/finish
* battery door very fiddly * screen on the small side * drip tip a little too loose
Overall, an excellent kit with a great tank, good coils, very good batteries (at least capacity/power wise, longevity not yet tested) and a great mod.

The form factor of the mod is fantastic, it sits perfectly balanced in the hand. The paint job/finish is awesome, it has a plasticy feel to it - but in a good way (feels to be "warmer" than other metal base boxes) and appears to be rather sturdy - so far not a single mark on it. The button feel is good, cons of the mod include the somewhat small screen (compared to the available/suggested size) and the very fiddly battery door of which I to some extend question the longevity.

Batteries are included an very good, the coils are quite decent, too.
The tank looks fantastic with the bubble glass fitted, AFC is very smooth, LOTS of airflow when fully opened. Sliding top fill is great, the only con here is the somewhat loose drip tip.
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