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-Nice fire button en lock mechanism. -No leaking, consider that the bottle is very soft. -Good adapter fell several times on the ground and didnt break. -Protection sticker by the bottle cap is a HUGE PRO. -Nice finish and fits great in the hand. -The locking mechanism is a bit stiff so it would not easly turn on in your pocket. ( however i do not suggest putting mechs in your pocket even the lock mechanism)
-The battery sits a bit too loose so you have some battery rattle and is very easy to take out, but you can solve this ( con ) by bending the battery contacts a bit. -Not really a con but maybe worth to mention, the bottle is supersoft so i don't know if its gonna leak inside the mod when you push to hard on it.
Very nice and good looking mod with a nice shiny finish. The 510 looks solid and had some air channels wich is great. And i suggest that when you're using a 18650 battery you place the battery the opposite side in the battery adapter so the battery can loose his heat. ( don't recommend to put it the opposite side in the mod it self).
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