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smooth flavour massive (if you like that)
Deck screws
The authentic is not available anymore - so no choice but to buy a clone :(
This RTA has one of the smoothest vape I know - and I own a few - the only RTA which can keep up is the new KF Lite 2019.
Ok, disassemble and give it a good clean. If you put it apart and together again you understand how it works. Is it "over engineered"? I dont know...if you get into RTAs and how the are built then it gets easier and easier. And it has its benefits: no leaking at all, very solid/massive (if you like that), top fill with an easy liquid control, flavour is great and the vape is smooth as hell!
My cons: the deck screws are very tiny and too round to grab the wire - I use all 4 screws and put the wire under the screws like an "S" - if you can imagine what I mean. I used Titan 28ga and Ni80 24ga - and with both I experience no resistance jumps! Make sure to cut the cotton short that it reaches in an 90° angle right to the bottom of the liquid holes and give it a good combing before...none of my Kayfuns like too much cotton...if you have screwed the chamber ring back on take your screwdriver and press the wet cotton away from the chamber wall and to your coil - with that I never experienced any dry hit!
Very nice is the replacement glass and also the pc tank which gives a complete other look to the RTA.

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