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Overall   (4.7)
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Build quality Size Color options Logos Attention to details Super soft bottle Easy to disassemble for cleaning
The top of the bottle needs improvement
I only have 2 cons for this mod and the first one is the bottle not so much the bottle it’s self but the cap if you don’t tighten it up just rite it won’t seal and will leak the other is the 510 isn’t spring loaded every time you change your rda you have to adjust the 510 it’s easy to adjust but really a inconvenience more than a con if you only have one squonk rda and don’t plan on changing it then your good. Everything else is great the attention to detail is Wild the rabbit on the front looks amazing and if you look behind your bottle you will find another rabbit engraved inside the mod. With the brass or I’ve even been told it’s gold plated contacts make this thing hit very good this is my first squonk so I have nothing to compare it to but I’ll tell ya I’m not disappointed. I do plan on getting another styled s-rabbit just all black to go for that murdered out look and maybe try to find a black bottle for it. Needless to say but I love this mod
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