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-small -large bottle -easy refill access to bottle and battery -adjustable 510 (adjustments to align RDA airflow) -multiple battery options (even without authentic conversion) -easy disassembly
-paw key design for battery -small squonk holes (hard to flood RDA but takes longer to fill) -anodized threads and contacts -limited threads on battery cap
So I own a few authentic and cloned squonkers like the hugo, driptech ds, coppervape, and the dripbox. Now I own 2 of these pulsars. These are my favorite of them all.

It may require some tweaks to get it working right but its worth it and not very hard. All I had to do on both of mine where a few bends on the contact plate to get it the button to sit straight, a little electrical tape to keep it from touching metal top plate, and removing the anodization on the threads.

I ended up ordering the authentic 2x700 kit with 21700 and 20700 tubes along with the battery caps. If I were to purchase it again I would leave out all the tubes and just get the battery caps for easier access and get the bottle plate so the pull tab snaps in and out nicely. One of the battery tubes cracked the housing when jamming it in and to be honest you don't even need the tubes. They do not complete the circuit. its all done with the long screws.
What I actually did was just remove the metal tube all together which allowed for more space to screw the battery cap in and now I can use 18660,20650,20700,21700 anytime I like. Just need to switch the battery caps for the longer batteries. Yes you can see the battery but it can be personalized with wraps if need be.
One other thing to note, the black housing comes with a matte like finish but after some use it turns to a smooth finish (pocket carry and regular use).
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