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Huge unique screen with tons of options Very solid, heavy and well made Very comfortable in the hand Good chip and performance Menu button Can fit larger tanks without overhang (sort of)
Screen needs to be brighter A slight wobble when set down Larger tanks have a gap underneath
As this is a new company and a new mod I feel that I should write a more in depth review as I am very impressed.
This is an excellent mod and I love almost everything about it, except for a few cons. It comes in a nice box that feels pretty heavy and when opened, under the manual, the mod is on display along with a rubber keyring thing.
The mod is chunky and very heavy, it feels comfortable in the hand thanks to all those curves and the fire button is in the perfect place. The paint is gorgeous and seems to be solid and the back panel knurling pattern looks and feels nice. The back panel itself comes off to allow the batteries to fit in, and you really notice how heavy this panel is, it is a serious chunk of metal! Because it is so wide it can fit larger tanks without overhang, 28mm tanks still left plenty of space for bigger tanks to fit. However this leads to the first con, because the corners curve so much bigger tanks have a large gap underneath them. Another con is that the bottom of the mod isn't flat, so when it's sat down there is a slight rocking motion, however it will not tip over or anything it's only minor. All in all it's a really well made, heavy and good looking mod.
I love mods that have a menu button so you don't have to remember loads of button combinations and it just makes the whole menu easier to use. The chip is a good one, with all the features you would expect, great performance and it seems pretty accurate although I felt the need to use the preheat to give the start a little boost. I haven't tried temp control however. The screen is stunning and huge, probably the best UI I have ever seen. The dials are a fantastic idea and everything is laid out in an organised way with all the information you want to see and the colours really pop. This mod has a lot of options, holding the M button opens up the menu and you are greeted with an extensive list of sub menus.
POWER TCR lets you choose between different wattage, temp and TCR modes.
BYPASS is obviously bypass mode.
PREHEAT allows you to set a custom preheat with the ability to choose the exact wattage and length of time.
COLOUR MODE (Colour spelt correctly thank you Rev Tech!!) lets you choose between 10 different color schemes.
DASHBOARD allows you to actually change the whole layout on the screen, there are 2 to choose from but supposedly you will be able to download more in the future.
DISPLAY MODE is just how long the screen stays on before timing out.
TIME SETTINGS is simply setting the time which is displayed on the screensaver.
FACTORY RESET is to reset the mod.
POWER OFF is how you turn the mod off.
Now the BRIGHTNESS which is for setting the screen brightness, is my final main con. In the right light the screen is gorgeous, however in bright sunlight it is very difficult to see the screen, it simply isn't bright enough and it's a real shame for an otherwise fantastic screen.
Overall I am really happy with this mod and will be looking at getting hold of their other offerings.
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