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This is for the white bottle I ordered the blue with flat edge but got the white. Super Soft White white not clear white Seals good. Good height and width Good threading easy to screw on not chunky or grindy feeling.
none Subjective is its super soft (White ver)
Again I ordered the blue but this review is for the white version I was sent.
This is a nice bottle its pretty soft it also has a true white coloring vs that clear white color. This is thinner and softer then the other bottle I reviewed.

Over All Dimensions OD: H48.5mm x W17mm x D17mm

Bottle Height: H=48.5mm (From top of cap to bottom of bottle)
Bottle Height no cap or neck: Hncn=45mm (from bottom of bottle to top of bottle no cap or sleeve/neck)
Bottle Height no cap Hnc=46.5mm (From bottom of bottle to top of metal neck/sleeve no cap)
Bottle Diam: W/D=17mm (Bottle W/D at center of bottle)
Bottle neck: H=4.5mm OD=10mm(thinnest part) OD2=11mm(thickest part little lip) ID=8.5mm

Cap & Sleeve H=8mm x W=13.5mm x D=13.5mm (Cap and neck/sleeve screwed together)
Cap Lid: H=4mm x w/d=11.5(thread area) & w/d=13.5mm(grip area)
Cap Sleeve/Neck: H=6mm x W/D=13.5mm(outer diam) x 10mm(Inner Diam)
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