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Very bright and great beam pattern Long battery Waterproof Remaining time display Improved bracket
Does not make the tea.
First of all a quick note, this light was supplied with the newer hex key type mounting bracket which is said to be superior to the older one shown in the pictures. It works very well.

This is really all the light anyone needs, it is more than powerful enough even on medium setting. Build quality is absolutely top notch and it feels reassuringly heavy for its size.

There is a display showing the remaining run time in each mode and it stepped down in half hour increments for each half hour the light was on, so fairly accurate. I run it for 3 hours continuous on the highest road setting (600 lm, advertised 3 hours runtime), after which the display changed to "Lo", but it then carried on for a further half hour on medium power before I got bored and switched it off.

There is very little difference in perceived brightness between the highest setting and the next one down.

In the forest at night this thing is amazing, it lights the whole width of the path with an even pattern and the long throw beam (MTB mode) lights up details in the distance, it is pretty much like daylight. I mostly plan to use it on medium setting (600 lm MTB Mode) which is more than bright enough for trails.

Charging is easy with the supplied USB-C cable, but no charger is supplied.

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