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Cheap It works after some modifications.
So cheap it shows. Poor build quality.
So mine came in with problems. The first most notable problem was the entire positive portion of the deck was loose allowing it to spin freely inside the deck area. The second problem that was the holes in the positive insulator did NOT line up with the holes in the positive metal part so airflow was blocked on that side.

To fix the airflow issue I spend a good bit of time slowly scraping out the holes in the insulator until they allowed proper alignment. It seems like this insulator is made of plastic so not sure how it will hold up long term to the heat yet. Only time will tell.

For the other problem, I thought a simple tightening of the center pin would fix it but sadly there was a problem with how the part the pin screwed into was bored. So it took massive amounts of force to get the pin to go deep enough to keep it from spinning freely. It is still a bit loose but it stay in place now at least. All of the force I had to apply cause some small burs on the pin itself so i then had to gently file those away to make the pin flat and smooth again.

All in all it took me about 3 hours just to make this thing usable. I considered just returning it, but shipping would have cost me more than the product was worth. Bottom line, with some effort and modifications it can me made functional, but I suggest getting a different version of this clone.
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