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-Build quality is second to none -Looks classy -Works well
-Not for everybody
Ok,this is controversial;

Where to start...

Lets talk about the tank; its on the semi-restrictive airflow side with the airflow fully opened but coincidentally,that is how I like my airflow -- I am in no way like those dumbos that take 5+ seconds deep lungs draws,I am more of a short less than 3 seconds draw -- so it suits me.

The 2ml wouldnt be a tad annoying if the refill method would be better which is removed the top cap and refill but even then,the little slots at the top in which you got to put the liquid in are very tiny and you will put juice in the center tube...gurgle.Good thing is you really got to mess up to have this tank leak on you,its very well made for that.

Now the beads...ah the beads. I wanted to try them beads...badly. But.

The idea behind it is good, but the actual application is bad; in retrospective,you put raw flavoring into unflavored juice and pretend its vapeable without STEEPING? Nah. Nope. Zilch. Niet.Nada. It gives me the coughs and the throat hit with that even after a day is too much for me...1 bead/2ml seems too much even. But there is an adjuster at the top which has 3 positions for flavor delivery..using it at the lowest still gives me the cough.

Using this tank with pre-made juices is another experience than the typical TFV8-type tanks with good flavor and decent clowdz; the 0.5 ohm coils are well-balanced with a 3mm hole and good wicking slots and material; they work well at 40-50warts range.

I dont use the meral sleeve that covers the glass and the beads dispenser works well and is kinda fun.

Nice kit,could be better though.No RBA.
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