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Ease of building, other than screw type. Deck layout gives upper leg of coil the outside slot, allowing natural fall of wick into well. Flavour from bottom air feed. Value for money.
15th century design slotted screws. Lack of hex socket option for screws.
This is a lovely design of deck, giving easy building with the post slots the correct way around, with the outer slot being higher, the wicks call naturally to the juice well. The bottom feed positive pin is included, and thankfully, although it still uses the inferior slotted screw, they have at least used one with a closed slot, to stop it leaking juice into the 510 connector - if the pin in the mod is wide enough. It's a shame all the screws are the 15th century slotted type though, instead of the modern hex socket variety, which allow greater torque, don't "cam out", give a positive engagement, and don't require pressure downwards while turning, with the additional benefit of allowing the driver or wrench to be left engaged in the screw while the lead is positioned satisfactorily. OK, it's not expensive to replace them, but it would be far less expensive for them to have been included to start with, and maybe include those old design ones as an alternative set for those who insist on using 15th century technology (or 19th in the case of phillips head).
That is the only thing which is wrong wit this atomiser, but is a serious enough issue to me to lose 3 stars on build quality and two on value (I'll now have to order up-to-date replacements).
Hex socket screws make a huge difference to those of us with dexterity problems such as arthritis or hand tremors (both of which I suffer from).
There is an old saying "spoiling a ship for a hap'orth of tar" and it's never been truer.
Because apart from that, this is easily the best deck I've either built or vaped.
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