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- Multiple topcaps. - 810/goon fitting drip tips. - Interesting, angled airflow. - Fits 4mm inner-diameter coils, but not wide legged coils (medium builds). - Hybrid safe, protruding 510 pin.
- Need to take out deck screws when building. - Logo on included 810 looks goofy.
The gorge has a very classic atomiser look to it. I personally don't mind this at all as it looks fine on all the mods that I've put it on.

The airflow is definitely different, it's on a 45 degree angle which seems to hit the side of your coils very nicely. I found that installing coils with more wraps is necessary to make good use of this airflow design. Combining more wraps with the ability of airflow the gorge can give you, it'll reward you with some great flavours.

The multiple caps has given me a satisfying experience since it allowed me to match the kit up with my pei mods, and the black cap looks good with my black mods. The PEI cap doesn't get hot at all and allows me to chain vape very easily.

This is a decent atomiser for single coil builds, if the build deck didn't require me to take out the screws to install my coils easily, I would enjoy rebuilding on this a little more often. The quality of vaping I've got off of this however has been a pleasant experience that gives me great clouds and flavour!
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