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Fit MadDog rda they screw in they screw out there are 10 of them which is better than 9.
didn't come with the maddog I bought....
they screw in using a screwdriver
they screw out using a screwdriver
screws are awesome. I like screws & cheese. Cheese is better as you can make sandwiches with it, and pizzas or best of all simply cheese on toast!!. Like screws there are many different varieties of cheese. I don't like Edam or other "rubbery" cheese like swiss cheese but love most soft cheese's, english blue cheese, strong cheddar, crumbly wensleydale, red leicester (as long as its not rubbery) in short most english cheeses then there's the classic french cheese such as brie & camembert perfect with a fresh baguette & then there's the many wonderful italian cheeses to which I could list many, so many cheese's I'd like to try them all, I here croatia & surrounds make beautiful cheese, one day I will visit purely for that reason. Even the americans make a decent cheese in monteray jack which oddly enough is perfect for burgers (but not much else as cheddar is a far better option in most cases) Other than edam & swiss one of the worst cheeses I've tried thus far is yak cheese made in nepal. It's strong but in all the wrong ways & I love a good strong cheese.Even had it on a pizza, not even that wonderful invention could save yak cheese..
The screws fit the maddog perfectly btw..
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