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1. Glass drip tip narrower for MTL 2. Thick rounded glass cap 3. Build Quality is indeed excellent 4. Velocity Deck (big deck for bigger coils) 5. Gold plating deck holding well 6. Capable for MTL or DTL
1. Post screws are not stainless steel and will tend rust 2. No single airflow control
I bought this RDA in black together with the silver version in the package. Will be the same review as the silver version.

I like the drip tip a lot cause its narrower for MTL. this is much better quality and flavor is much better than SKU 5848901 which has a glass wide bore tip that i bought earlier. Easy velocity big build deck for bigger coils and gold plating holds well after a few hot wash. The glass cap is beautifully rounded and thick , but still needs to be becareful to prevent hard fall though (glass will always break anyhow). Be prepare to buy so replacement hex post screws, post screw will rust so need to wipe dry it to prevent it from rusting. Careful when inserting the cap to the deck cause O ring for the inner bottom is thicker and 2 of my o rings scraped and broke off because trying to insert it (will need to lube the o ring so it is easily slide in or replace it with thinner o rings). I highly recommended it, this is indeed such a beautiful RDA with great value. I'm happily adding it to my collection.

I'm giving it full star for build quality of the glass cap , stainless steel body and gold plating deck. post screw and o rings aren't cons because it's replaceable.

NOTE: Hastur v2 rda SKU4813300 bottom feed pin will fit perfectly in the Trinity US1 rda. Parts are interchangeable with SKU 5848901 and SKU 7669201.
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